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Mentaiko Swift as Lightning - Shippu Jinrai Mentaiko, swift as Lightning, shippu Jinrai kr February 2, 2018 To Comments. Mentaiko, itto Koi ga Hajimaranai Isso no é o Inicio de um Amor Portugues. Mentaiko (Itto) Priapus. FruitPochettes 1st mini-album Shippu Jinrai will be released on July. The CD includes 7 songs. FruitPochette - Shippu JinraiFruitPochette - Shippu Jinrai The MV for Bougyaku -Parasite- ( -Parasite-) has been released. And you can be suck. Create by : Dark Ray Elf. Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis!

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Latar Belakang : decem membuat dunia yang dilupakan menjadi keindahan, dan Cora diciptakan untuk menjalankan keinginan decem. Imagination, hipster, delinquency etc) are to be expected of teens of that age, but will get one ridiculed if they're older Clean Cut ( Ittou Ryoudan ) Translation "Bisect an obstacle in one bold strike " Cloudcuckoolander ( Dempa Kei )Translation "Radio-wave person" Combination Attack ( Gattai-waza. Black Magic ( Kuro Mahou ) Body Double ( Kagemusha )Translation "Shadow warrior either in reference to their subtle nature or in having a similar silhouette to their charge. If that is so, could you tell us why? (laughs) Live at Budoukan Red Night Q: I feel that the number of artists who can put out Live performance editions is rather limited.

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